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Brief Introduction

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Guangzhou Council (referred to as CCPIT Guangzhou) and China Chamber of International Commerce Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce (referred to as CCOIC Guangzhou) are the local standing bodies for CCPIT and CCOIC. They are both international and comprehensive cluster organizations composing of representative business personnel, enterprises, associations and organizations from Guangzhou region, with purposes as follow: to conduct international economic and technical cooperations in terms of foreign trade, utilization of foreign investments and introduction of foreign advanced technology; to promote foreign trade and economic relations between Guangzhou and other countries and regions all over the world; and to strengthen the mutual understanding and friendship between the peoples.

Since the establishment in 1985, in accordance with the requirement of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Charter, and concentrating on our central task to promote the development of the economy and foreign trade for Guangzhou city, CCPIT and CCOIC Guangzhou have given full play to its service functions such as foreign liaison, exhibitions, trade missions going abroad, certification and legalization, and memberships package services. We have carried out relevant trade promotion activities with distinct characteristics relying on resource advantages of contacts with foreign organizations, member enterprises, branch institutions and related industrial associations.

CCPIT Guangzhou has become a large scale trade promotion organization with certain degree of influence both at home and abroad, and has currently established 46 district and industrial branches and has admitted nearly 6300 member enterprises. CCPIT Guangzhou has also established business contacts with more than 200 trade promotion organizations scattering in over 40 countries. Playing an important role as a bridge connecting Guangzhou with foreign countries, CCPIT Guangzhou has made great contribution to promote our regional foreign trade and investment, Sino-foreign economic and technological exchanges, and economic and trade communications between Guangzhou and other countries and regions all over the world.