• General Office

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    •  Trade and investment promotion department

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    • Membership and Information Department

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    • Liaison Department

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    • Exhibition Department

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    • Certification Office

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General Office

General office is a functional department in charge of internal management and coordination including CPC affairs, human affairs, secretarial work, finance, administration, logistics, reporting and approval, and record examination, etc.

Membership and Information Department

The functions of this department are: to guide and coordinate the business jobs for our district level and industrial branches; to conduct economic, trade and technical exchanges for member enterprises; to organize relevant business meetings, presentations and symposiums; to conduct social research so as to convey the opinions of enterprises to related governmental departments; to afford members information consultancy and training services and the latest information on economic and trade developments through our inter-network platform; to edit and publish the periodicals such as “Guangzhou Foreign Trade Promotion”. Meanwhile the department is in overall charge of operations of CCOIC Guangzhou.

  • To offer related services to member enterprises and reflect their actual situations and opinions to the relevant governmental departments;
  • To study the issues relating to foreign trade promotion so as to give reference views to members;
  • To hold related meetings and training courses regarding the situations and knowledge of foreign economy and trade;
  • To collect, collate, transmit and release information on foreign trade and economy;
  • To organize activities including business meetings and technical exchanges;
  • To provide services of foreign economic and trade information, consultancy and survey to related domestic and foreign enterprises;
  • To guide and coordinate the business operations for CCPIT Guangzhou district and industrial branches, and that of CCOIC Guangzhou;
  • To edit and publish periodicals and electronic publications relating to foreign trade and economy;

Liaison Department

The major functions of liaison department are: to connect business sectors and associations in  other countries and areas and international organizations, to invite and receive foreign business people and foreign delegations to Guangzhou, to organize Guangzhou trade missions to foreign areas ,to be in charge of liaison work between  CCPIT Guangzhou and the foreign chambers of commerce and foreign economic organizations in Guangzhou, to be the competent department of CCPIT Guangzhou to organize exchange activities of international economic, technical  and trade cooperation, and to perform the duties and functions of World Trade Center Association Guangzhou.


  • To invite and receive foreign business people and delegations to Guangzhou,and arrange exchange activities between foreign business delegations and the relevant sectors in Guangzhou.
  • To organize Guangzhou trade missions to foreign areas and conduct exchange and cooperation with foreign trade promotion organizations.
  • To attend the events organized by relevant international organizations.
  • To organize, attend or co-organize international conferences with relevant international organizations on economic, technical and trade cooperation, or on international business rules and regulations.
  • To perform the duties and functions of World Trade Center Association Guangzhou.
Exhibition Department

Of its reputation and credibility with its widespread connections with exhibition organizations, CCPIT Guangzhou has always offered its members excellent service in foreign international exhibitions covering handling visa application formalities of exhibitors, booth setup and exhibit-forwarding procedures, as well as accommodation, business programs and travel arrangement for exhibitors.

  • Organizing the enterprises of Guangzhou to go abroad for World Expo, Chinese Trade Exhibition and International Trade Fair;
  • Providing information and consultancy service of international trade fairs for enterprises;
  • Entrusted by Guangzhou government to organize the Guangzhou Economic Trade Exhibition abroad;
  • Organizing the international economic exhibitions and trade fairs in Guangzhou;
  • Jointly undertaking “Guangzhou Fair” sponsored by Guangzhou Government with other related departments.
  • Provide one package service for enterprises when participating overseas exhibitions.
Certification Office

The business scopes of Certification Office cover:

  1. Consulting service on certification and legalization
  2. Handling instantly the documents that accord with the demands
  3. Personnel training for enterprises
  4. Making inquiries about the problems occurred during the documents handling process and reporting to the authority any suggestion or comment by the enterprises
  5. Acting as an agent for trade mark registration, patent application and arbitration
  6. Legal assistance for members on international economic and trade disputes