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Mechanical & Electrical Industry Commission of CCPIT Guangzhou

Electromechanical Branch now has 160 members. Its main functions include:

  1. Delivering industrial policy and economic technical trends
  2. Consulting service on ISO9000, ISO14000
  3. Giving counsel for enterprises’ technical innovation and standardizing performance
  4. With authorization of related departments, taking part in the activities of selection and recommendation of high quality products.
  5. Being in charge of the evaluation of intermediate title in machinery electric industry
  6. Assembling the enterprises in the same line for exhibition, economic & technical study home and broad, serving as a bridge for inviting foreign businessmen and introducing foreign fund, and market exploring.
  7. Training
  8. Conducting application for brand name for enterprises
  9. Legal services
  10. Undertaking tasks entrusted by governmental departments

Add: No. 187, Dade Road, Guangzhou
Postal Code: 510120
Tel: (020)83373131
Fax: (020)37903830

Logistics & Supply Chain Industry Commission of CCPIT Guangzhou

Approved by Guangzhou government, Guangzhou Logistic & Supply Chain Branch (GZLA) owes 108 key company members and over 300 common company members as well as 6 departments including member’s services dept, accreditation dept, training center, Logistics & Supply Chain magazine dept, logistics information public platform and secretary office.
The tenet of GZLA is assisting the government in the task of formulating logistics planning, industry standard, guild regulation, also providing services of skill appraisal, training and authentication.


Add: 3rd Floor, North Tower, Jinshan Plaza, No.248, Wushan Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Postal code: 510630
Tel: (020)62983268
Fax (020)62983208

Software Industry Commission of CCPIT Guangzhou

Software Branch is a non-profit organization engaged in the business of software research, sales, technical support and IT system R & D. Its services cover:

  1. Confirmation of software companies in Guangzhou, annual renewal of software companies, registration of Software products, technical contracts, and computer literature, implementing the favorable treatment to the software companies in line with the document No.18 2000 issued by the State Council.
  2. Training, talent exchanges, upgrading the quality of industrial team, normalizing talent circulation, pushing a sound development of the industry.
  3. Organization of exhibition, show, sales, technical exchanges, conference, and other activities for the progress of technical development and management modernization.
  4. Compiling the technical and economic information for government’s reference.
  5. Formulating industry regulation and normalizing the practice of the enterprises, advocating fair competition and safeguarding the interest of the industry
  6. Conducting exchanges home and broad, pushing the export of software technique and products, and introducing foreign funds and technique for further internationalization of the software industry
  7. Accomplishing tasks entrusted by governmental departments.

Add: Room.202, second Floor, No.886, Tianhe Bei Road, Guangzhou
Postal Code: 510635
Tel: (020)38361478
Fax: (020)38258319

Toys & Gifts Industry Commission of CCPIT Guangzhou

The main functions of Guangzhou Toys & Gifts Branch covering:

  1. Offering professional guidance for the industry standards and quality certification commissioned by relevant government departments
  2. coordinating the issues of business operation, technical cooperation and competition, and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the industries and enterprises
  3. Providing production, marketing, research and other information collected from home and broad.
  4. Assembling experts for the research, development and promotion of new material, new technology, new equipments and new products
  5. Technician and managerial personage training, professional publications publishing
  6. Exchanging activities on toys and gifts home and abroad, holding international toys and gifts fairs and exhibitions.
  7. Members assembling for instructive social activities.

Add: 6th Floor, E Tower, Dexingyuan, No.390, Yide Road, Guangzhou
Postal Code: 510900
Tel: (020) 81061942
Fax: (020)81060847 

Packaging & Graphics Industry Commission of CCPIT Guangzhou 

Guangzhou Packing & Printing Industry Association is the earliest organization which is established by pilot city of nation-wide industry association. It covers:1、Offering basis and suggestions to relevant government department on programming the development of packing and printing 2、Formulating and implementing the trade regulations、technology standard 、quality standard on packing and printing.3、Providing relevant technically training、 appraisal of quality、competition and comparison.4、Holding packing and printing exhibitions and conferences at home and abroads.5、Coordinating prices and conduct direction、supervision.


Add: Rm 201-202, Block A Lingnan Complex, No.5 Lu Hu Rd.,Guangzhou
Postal Code:510000
Tel: 020-83505228
Fax: 020-83592255-1

Legal Commission

China Chamber of International Commerce Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce (CCOIC) and the Guangzhou Arbitration Commission (GZAC) have jointly set up the specialized commission on legal affairs. The first legal institution attached to chamber of commerce in Guangdong Province. The purpose of the establishment of the Commission is to promptly resolve socio-economic disputes and conflicts, to build a harmonious society, to stress the serviceability of the CCOIC, to take advantages of arbitration to safeguard the economy and to solve disputes fairly and swiftly, and to assist enterprises to exploit international markets and to participate in international competition.
The newly founded Specialized Commission on Legal Matters possesses four major functions:

  1. Legal services. The Commission will provide reasoning and evaluation advices on foreign-related economic and legal matters for enterprises. The Commission will also help companies to defend and appeal in anti-dumping and anti-subsidies cases.
  2. Study and research. The Commission comprises experts and scholars specialized in international economic and trade area, as well as practitioners who have long-term practical experience in the field of international economy and trade. These professionals are able to better research and study WTO rules, to research foreign and domestic legal rules on economic and trade affairs, and to assist enterprises in legal risk management.
  3. Advice the government. The Commission is able to offer high level professional advices on enacting foreign-related economic and trade policies to the Guangzhou Municipal Government.
  4. Mediation. The Commission will provide companies with mediation and arbitration services, for the purpose of maintaining normal foreign-related economic and trade order.
Convention and Exhibition Commission

With CCPIT Guangzhou as its exchange platform, the Commission will make every effort to further cooperation between local convention and exhibition companies and international/domestic circles, to promote the construction of internationalization, mercerization, legalization and industrialization for Guangzhou’s convention and exhibition industry, and to facilitate a sound development of the industry.
The main functions of the commission include: 1. Taking part in the researches and establishment of regulations, macro-control and industries policies of convention and exhibition industry; 2.Conducting researches on convention and exhibition theory, discussing trend of development of the industry home and abroad; 3.Collecting suggestions and problems raised by member enterprises, and reflecting to relative departments of the government in time; 4.Assisting government for policy explanation and connecting government and enterprises; 5.Arranging research tours of the convention and exhibition industry both domestic and abroad, improving cooperation between member enterprises and other well-known companies all over the world, and helping local enterprises to enhance their international competitiveness; 6.Maintaining regular industry order and protecting intellectual property rights; 7.Strengthening cooperation among convention and exhibition organizations, and providing training courses for enterprises.


Add:Rm.809 8/fF South Tower World Trade Center Complex No.371 Huan Shi Dong Road,GuangZhou 
Tel:86-20-87305360              Fax:86-20-87769011