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Affiliated Unit

CCOIC Guangzhou
CCOIC Guangzhou is a comprehensive business association, a corporate body, composed of trade companies, public sectors, organizations and individuals. Established in 1988, CCOIC Guangzhou has served its members in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and policies of the People’s Republic of China and international practice and standards, by protecting rights and obligations of members, promoting and enhancing fair trade and investment, strengthening communications and exchanges between Guangzhou and other areas of the world in trade, investment, science and technology, education,and culture. The competent department of CCOIC Guangzhou is CCPIT Guangzhou and it receives instructions and guidance from CCOIC.

Guangzhou Importers & Exporters Association

Being established in 1994, Guangzhou Importers Association is a social organization with legal status with aims at: to offer coordination and services to goods trade, technical import and export trade activities, so as to promote foreign trade horizontal combination, to develop industrial and trade joint ventures, to encourage fair competition in line with laws, to maintain normal order for import and export trade, and to safeguard legitimate rights and interests of our member enterprises.

World Trade Center Association Guangzhou
Established in 1986, World Trade Center Association Guangzhou is a permanent member of World Trade Center Association. It’s an independent corporate body registered in Guangzhou and it is administered by CCPIT Guangzhou.

CCPIT International Economic & Trade Communication Center and Guangzhou International Exhibition Company
CCPIT International Economic & Trade Communication Center and Guangzhou International Exhibition Company, attached to CCPIT Guangzhou, are entitled to undertake domestic economic and trade fairs sponsored by CCPIT Guangzhou, cooperate with exhibition organizations home and abroad to organize domestic economic and trade fairs, handle procedures such as applying for the necessary approval documents and business registration certificate of exhibitions and assist overseas exhibitors for their invitation application, booth set-up, customs declaration and clearance. Besides, purchase of exhibits, tourism arranging as accommodation for exhibitors, organizing economic and technological cooperation and exchange, etc. are also available.

Guangzhou International Trade Promotion Development Corp.
GITP, the subsidiary of CCPIT Guangzhou with import & export license, can act as the agent of import & export business for enterprises. website:www.gzitpd.com